Good morning drabblers!

It's time to rise up and hear the bells, because our fearful trip is only beginning. This prompt is for drabbles about our dearly beloved Captain, James "Tiberius? That's the worst" Kirk. So, swaying mass, turn your eager faces or whatever to the keyboard and drabble away.

(Sorry, Walt Whitman. I love your poetry too much to be able to stop myself.)

This prompt's entirely open. Knock yourselves out with drabbles. (Mind the keyboard. Headdesking isn't good for them, especially if you drool. They have moisture sensors inside keyboards now.)

No specific topic. Use the track this link to have comments emailed to you. Live long and prosper.
john: Uhura (TOS). Caption: "Incoming transmission says 'STFU'." (Trek: STFU)
([personal profile] john May. 15th, 2009 10:44 pm)
Hi there! This is the post to ask me ([personal profile] john) or [personal profile] ursamajor any administrivial questions, to suggest drabble ideas, or to do anything else that isn't actually drabbling.


The Trouble with Drabbles


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