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The Trouble with Drabbles

Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a writer.

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Created on 2009-05-14 23:37:26 (#339272), last updated 2009-05-31 (516 weeks ago)

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Name:The Trouble with Drabbles
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Community description:Star Trek (2009) writing community -- 100-word drabbles
Welcome to [community profile] thetroublewithdrabbles. I'm [personal profile] john and I will be your Sulu today. [personal profile] ursamajor is your Chekov. Please do not fasten your seatbelt, because there aren't any on the bridge. 23rd century \o/

Here, we do drabbles! We define drabble as a 100-word story. We won't cry if your drabble is more than 100 words, but we might sniff quietly or look stoicly Vulcan. There may even be non-drabble contests. Who knows? It's a crazy word we live in.

The way it all works is that [personal profile] ursamajor and I (and possibly other future admins) will be posting drabble prompts, and drabbles then magically appear through the wonder of the Internet in new, Dreamwidth-extended-length comments!

This community has two rules:

1. Don't be a dick.
2. Take care of your own shit.

(Thanks to [personal profile] longtimegone for the rules, which I am blatantly stealing. They're pretty good for life rules too.)

3. (Fooled you.) Do try to keep it to the 2009 Star Trek movie reboot-verse unless the prompt says otherwise. Nobody's going to cry (again) if you throw in a bit of oldschool TOS-verse, but we're modern kind of folks around here. This one isn't really a rule. It's more of a guideline.

We assume that you are a grownup, or at least have lied to tell somebody that you're a grownup. Hence: explicit stories are welcomed and, indeed, encouraged, because we're grownups here. (Except Chekov, who may not be of the age of majority on every Federation world. Sorry, Pavel Andreiovich. Извинете.)

Questions? Suggestions for drabbles? Allegations that this line mimics official Dreamwidth updates? Poke us in the administrivia post.

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